First bottled in 1970, this wine has often been awarded for its quality.
On a 18,9 acres (7,5 hectares) surface, located on a sandy and gravel tableland, to the north east of Libourne, the CHATEAU de ROQUEBRUNE vineyard has been cultivated for 5 generations with the care necessary to elaborate a great wine.

This wine is like a child to whom the owner gave all his love. The soil has been consistently worked with regard to the best ecological and environmental practices.

Harvesting of the grapes is done manually when optimum maturity has been reached.

The winemaking process is achieved with great attention, permitting the elaboration of a wine of character, rich, enduring in the nose as on the palate, savory and full bodied with good ageing potentials.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy new year

The beginning of the new year is a bit hard. Storm has spred over Bordeaux's vineyard.

Vinestock haven't suffer any damage, but some big trees fall down and destroyed some cars and roofs.

Vineyard is resting. We've gegan to prune. Next week we'll start earthing. We're a bit in a hurry, but the soil has been too wet to enable us to go through the row with tractors.

We've got to adapt ourselfs, that's nature.

In every cases I wish you a happy new year.

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